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About Chad

As a John Maxwell Certified Speaker and Trainer, Chad Doerr is a masterful communicator with nearly two decades of leadership experience in a wide variety of businesses, ministries and schools.  Equipping and training people of various ages, backgrounds and walks of life to flourish both personally and professionally is his passion. The hallmark of his training style is a heartfelt care and concern for those in his midst coupled with down-to-earth, practical teachings. Chad greatly enjoys partnering with organizations and event planners to impart greater levels of relational awareness and maximize opportunities for positive influence.


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Having spent the last two decades equipping people with practical skills, vision, and purpose, Chad is truly gifted in the art of inspiring greatness in the hearts of leaders. Book now for your next conference or event.

Leadership talks: 

  • Leadership Hacks

  • Developing A Growth Culture

  • Turning Leadership Upside Down

  • Servant Leadership


Whether you're looking for a two hour training or 2-day event, Chad is a masterful trainer. He can facilitate the following sessions for your organization or event:


  • The Leadership Game (6-12 leaders)

  • Leadership Hacks

  • Myers-Briggs (Leadership, Communication, Team Building)

  • Appreciation in the Workplace

  • Developing A Growth Culture

  • 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

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